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WWF Hungary’s skateboard campaign won another international award


© White Rabbit Entertainment CompanyBUDAPEST - The "Skateboards Made by Bears" project, created by White Rabbit advertising agency for WWF-Hungary, has won a Crystal Award in the Outdoor category of the prominent Adstarts Festival of South-Korea.

The campaign promotes the auction of a limited edition of seven unique skateboards scratched and bitten by Móric and Vackor, two brown bears in Budakeszi Wildlife Park in Budapest.  

The AdStars is the biggest international advertising festival of Asia that takes place in the city of Busan, South Korea, for 9th edition. Nearly 19,000 entries from 61 countries were competing for the awards. In the first round 1,680 works were shortlisted by the international jury; according to the strict judging criteria slightly above 2% of the entries received awards.

“This award is a great honor for WWF-Hungary. We would like to thank Vackor and Móric, the two brown bears of Budakeszi Wildlife Park, for kindly contributing their claw marks to this amazing project – we are also grateful to CirusKate skateboard manufactory for allowing nature and its creative forces to ride on their boards” – said Alexa Antal, manager of communications at WWF-Hungary.

To those who would like a piece of this coolness created by nature may check the boards out in our panda shop! By purchasing one of the CirusKate boards, you can directly support WWF Hungary’s conservation work.

WWF-Hungary and White Rabbit won eight prizes and were shortlisted for five others at two international advertising festivals back in June.