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Earth Hour 2018 in Central and Eastern Europe calls for sustainable living


Bratislava, Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, Kyiv - Earth Hour, WWF’s landmark movement, is once again set to unite millions of people around the world to show their commitment to the planet. Hundreds of iconic landmarks in Central and Eastern Europe will switch off lights for an hour at 8:30 p.m. local time, 24 March to stand in solidarity with nature while they join the world’s largest environmental demonstration to support actions for a living planet.
In 2018, WWF and Earth Hour teams around the world will be using the movement to highlight the environmental issues most relevant to their country or region. Slovakia is expected to switch off the lights in a record number of cities to raise awareness on climate change. Hungary will go dark with a spectacular show while residents in Borsodnádasd and Balaton municipalities will hold an evening torchlight procession. In Romania, people will send letters to nature confirming their commitments to sustainable living. In Bulgaria, Earth Hour will focus on the benefits of protecting nature for people and local communities. In Ukraine, citizens will organize “zero waste” events and pledge to shift towards a sustainable lifestyle.
“Building a sustainable tomorrow begins with us today. There are so many things we can do to help our planet, our home. From switching to renewables, to saying no to single-use plastics, there are lots of small actions we can take to protect our shared home,” said Andreas Beckman, Director of WWF-Danube-Carpathian Programme.  
In Slovakia, more than 50 cities and towns will join the Earth Hour movement:
A record number of local municipalities will spark action on climate change. In downtown Bratislava, educational stands, an eco-tour concert, and a creative workshop using recycled materials to create animals will be among the many activities available to Earth Hour supporters. Slovakian residents will be asked to take a "promises4nature" pledge, which commits them to bringing environmental principles into their daily lives. A lantern parade and Earth Hour bike ride will start at 8.30 p.m. when the city landmarks go dark.
In Hungary, the lights of Budapest will be switched off from Paris:
As part of a spectacular show in MÜPA cultural center, Recirquel Company Budapest will perform a contemporary piece, called "Paris de Nuit". The show’s finale will highlight a dramatic visual switch off with a message to save our planet. Locally organized events will include residents of Borsodnádasd and Balaton municipalities engaging in a torchlight procession until they meet halfway for a brass band candle-light concert; and In Magyarlak, there will be a screening of Leonardo DiCaprio's documentary “Before the Flood” after which visitors will make candle holders out of recycled bottles and join a "firefly hunt", with "fireflies" made of pebbles.

In Romania, Earth Hour 2018 will show a different angle of climate change:
how we “treat nature” and how we get along with it. In Bucharest and across the country, people will sign letters addressed to nature, rivers, forests, bison, bears, and sturgeon. Earth Hour participants will also make a commitment to nature. Across the country, there will be several events and activities organized to celebrate the Earth Hour, including bicycle tours, outdoor concerts and more. The entire list will be updated at ora-pamantului.ro

In Bulgaria, traditional celebrations in front of the National Theater in Sofia will raise awareness about climate change:
Visitors will enjoy a fire show accompanied by acoustic music while the lights switch off. Interactive performances, including drawing with lights and a hike to Vitosha Mountain will be a focal point for nature lovers. In the days before Earth Hour 2018, online and offline talks about the ways to connect to nature in its different aspects: water, forest, and climate will take place. Live discussions with experts will be held at  @WWF-Bulgaria’s Facebook page and offline events will highlight the benefits of wild nature.

In the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, the famous KYIV Virtuoso Orchestra will perform a classical music concert for Earth our participants with the lights off.
Lviv will shine a light on climate change with Zero Waste Fest – an event where citizens, NGOs, businesses and civil groups will promote sustainable living. A day-time lecture series in Impact Hub Odessa will take place. In the evening, Central Square will light up from an electrical music show with light flashes and an evening musical jam will take place.
Visit www.earthhour.org to know what’s happening in locations around the world and read individuals’ stories about what people are doing for our planet.